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Early morning and evening service Tuesdays and Thursdays between Weaverville and Junction City, supplementing the existing Willow Creek Line.

Eastbound - Junction City to Weaverville

Stop Name Tuesday and Thursday
Junction City Store 7:14 AM
Weaverville Library 7:25 AM
Mill Street @ CSD Sign ***
Tops Mini Mart (on Hwy 3) ***
Hwy 299 & Martin Rd. (Tops) ***

Westbound - Weaverville to Junction City

Stop Name Tuesday and Thursday
Hwy 299 & Martin Rd. (Tops) 5:14 PM
Main Street Auto 5:16 PM
Weaverville Library 5:19 PM
Tops Mini Mart (on Hwy 3) R
Junction City Cafe 5:31 PM

How to Read Timetables

  • Stop Name = Transfer stop to another route.
  • -- = No service to this bus stop.
  • *** = Drop-off stop by request only. When you board the bus, tell driver which of the optional stops you would like.
  • R = By Request. Call 24 hr. in advance to request a Pick Up. To be dropped off, you can make the request when boarding the bus.
  • All times listed are departure times.
  • Buses only pull over to load or unload passengers.
  • Always notify your driver if you are planning on making a connection to another bus.
  • Times are approximate and may vary due to traffic and weather conditions.