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All Trinity Transit buses are equipped with bike racks.  Passengers are responsible for loading, securing and unloading their bicycle.  Please be prepared to load and unload bicycles quickly.  Below we have listed four easy steps to safely load your bike on the bike rack.  If you have questions about loading your bicycle, please ask the drivers.

1. When the bus comes to a complete stop, signal the driver to let him/her know that you will be loading a bicycle.

2. Approach the bus from the curb and lower the rack towards you by squeezing the center lever with one hand while supporting the bicycle with the other hand.

3. After lowering the rack, place the bicycle into one of the wheel wells. The rack only contacts the tires.  Wheel wells are completely independent of each other.

4. After the bicycle is securely in place within the wheel well, pull the support arm –>Out & Up over your front tire all the way to the bicycle frame, then allow support arm to lower and lock wheel in place.

Unloading your bike: When the bus approaches the stop, inform the driver that you will be removing your bicycle. Approach the front of the bus from the curbside and raise the support arm off the bicycle tire. When the support arm is off, life the bicycle out of the wheel well. Once the bicycle is out of the wheel well, fold up the rack if no other bicycles are on the rack.

Please note: Trinity Transit provides bicycle racks as a convenience for its passengers.  Trinity Transit is NOT RESPONSIBLE for theft or loss of bicycles, damages incurred to the bicycle while on the transit system or at bus stops, and injuries to the rider during loading or unloading a bicycle. Riders are responsible for any damages and/or injuries to third parties caused by the rider or bicycle while the bicycle is being loaded or unloaded. Passengers are responsible for correctly securing their bicycle on the rack.