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Service between Weaverville and Willow Creek, with connections to the Redwood Transit System (RTS) for travel to Arcata/Eureka, and the KT NET System for service to Hoopa.

A single connection with the Redding Line (in Weaverville ) offered one time a day only.  Please note that a round trip between Willow Creek and Redding in a single day is not possible via Trinity Transit.

IMPORTATANT: Please see HOW TO READ TIMETABLES information at bottom of page.

Eastbound – Willow Creek to Weaverville

Stop Name Monday - Friday
Willow Creek @ Hwy 299 & 96
9:25am 5:00pm
Panther Road
9:26am 5:01pm
Early Bird
9:28am 5:03pm
Salyer (in front of store)
9:33am 5:08pm
Hawkins Bar (Hwy 299 across from trailer park)
9:40am 5:15pm
Burnt Ranch Store (across Hwy)
9:46am 5:21pm
Burnt Ranch Post Office (across Hwy)
9:47am 5:22pm
Del Loma RV Park
10:03am 5:38pm
Big Bar (across from Old Market)
10:11am 5:46pm
Hwy 299 & Corral Bottom Rd (Bus Shelter)
10:12am 5:47pm
TAP Store (Big Flat)
10:16am 5:51pm
Pigeon Point
10:25am 6:00pm
East Fork Rd (Helena)
10:25am 6:00pm
Trinity Canyon Lodge
10:29am 6:04pm
Big Foot Campground
10:31am 6:06pm
Power House Road
10:33am 6:08pm
Junction City Store
10:36am 6:11pm
Weaverville Library
10:47am 6:22pm
Mill Street (at CSD sign)
10:49am 6:24pm
Hwy. 299 & Martin Rd.(near Burger King)
10:52am 6:27pm

Westbound - Weaverville to Willow Creek

Stop Name Monday - Friday
Chevron Mini Mart (on Hwy 3) 7:25 AM 2:30 PM
Hwy 299 & Martin Rd. (near Burger King) 7:30 AM 2:35 PM
Main Street Auto 7:32 AM 2:37 PM
Weaverville Library 7:35 AM 2:40 PM
Junction City Cafe 7:47 AM 2:52 PM
Power House Rd. 7:50 AM 2:55 PM
Big Foot Campground 7:52 AM 2:57 PM
Trinity Canyon Lodge (across Hwy) 7:54 AM 2:59 PM
East Fork Rd. (Helena) 7:57 AM 3:02 PM
Pigeon Point (across Hwy) 7:57 AM 3:02 PM
Big Flat @ Trinity River Rafting 8:07 AM 3:12 PM
Big Bar Ranger Station 8:09 AM 3:14 PM
Big Bar @ old market 8:10 AM 3:15 PM
Del Loma RV Park (across Hwy) 8:20 AM 3:25 PM
Burnt Ranch Post Office 8:35 AM 3:40 PM
Burnt Ranch Store 8:36 AM 3:41 PM
Hawkins Bar @ Denny Rd. 8:42 AM 3:47 PM
Salyer (across from store) 8:49 AM 3:54 PM
Early Bird (across Hwy) 8:53 AM 3:58 PM
Panther Rd. (across Hwy) 8:55 AM 4:00 PM
Willow Creek @ Hwy 299 & 96 8:57 AM 4:02 PM

How to Read Timetables

  • Stop Name = Transfer stop to another route.
  • -- = No service to this bus stop.
  • *** = Drop-off stop by request only. When you board the bus, tell driver which of the optional stops you would like.
  • R = By Request. Call 24 hr. in advance to request a Pick Up. To be dropped off, you can make the request when boarding the bus.
  • All times listed are departure times.
  • Buses only pull over to load or unload passengers.
  • Always notify your driver if you are planning on making a connection to another bus.
  • Times are approximate and may vary due to traffic and weather conditions.